Welcome to DiceThrowers!

DiceThrowers is a dedicated Roleplaying Game running site giving players the best experience when playing a board game. Focused on inclusion and diversity our groups have hosted dozens of nationalities, making acceptance our top priority. With a one-on-one focus, our small groups of four to five players allows them to connect and get their message across with as much time as needed.

Best Attributes of DiceRollers

A highly diverse and eccentric group of players.

Accepting all beliefs, nationalities, genders, and sexualities.

A safe environment for teamwork, development, and problem-solving.

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Largo Sueiro

Hello, my name is Largo and I am 15. I’ve been a Dungeons and Dragons enthusiast for the past four years, and over that time I’ve played with dozens of interesting and unique people. Throughout my time on DiceRollers, I will be expanding the player’s minds by introducing engaging topics and puzzles, while incorperating intuitive solutions.