Play Dungeons and Dragons

With Largo Sueiro

What will you learn during these courses:

Each and every campaign on this platform is dedicated to the player’s betterment by improving their problem-solving skills, and creativity. This is followed by gaining proficiency in playing, running, and operating characters and campaigns in the roleplaying game Dungeons and Dragons. Furthermore, the players can be experimental and become anything they would want to be, broadening their horizons and curiosity.

A Typical Campaign

A typical campaign last ten weeks with the players meeting once a week for two hours.  The first session which is used for character creation includes a brief description of the campaign along with introductions within the group and the creation of the player’s character. Once the first session is completed the campaign will begin with the players begin able to fill the shoes of heroes for the remaining nine sessions. The groups are typically well paced with enough time for each player to complete what they see as their story.

Group Acheivements

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